Did you tune in yet? FutureMakers is a podcast powered by The Cronos Group, for and by (young) entrepreneurs. How did this podcast come to life and – you've guessed it – how did our unmuting give this project its much-needed voice?
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The Challenge

The CronosGroup’s marketing and communication manager, Pauline De Smet, approachedus with her idea to createa podcastforandbyentrepreneurs, poweredby The Cronos Group. It was important that the keyvalues of the group were showcased, albeit in a slightly moremodern way so as to reachyoungpotentialentrepreneurs. She pitched the idea to Cronos’ founding fathers and reached out to us to bring (the pitch and) the podcast to life.

Our Idea

The podcast needed to be authentic, simple, and well-made. We’d spotlightsuccessfulentrepreneurssoyoungtalent in doubt whether or not to go for it themselves would trust their testimonials and feelencouraged to go make their dreams come true. In order to launch, we needed to work out a name, visual and identity to incorporate all of the above. We wanted to resonatewith our core audience, entrepreneurs, in producingthepodcast.


To not only be allowed to brand the concept of a podcast, but also be given the confidence to actually bring it to life, is really the magic of the Cronos ecosystem.


- Jeroen Geerts, Managing Partner
FutureMakers' visuals and podcast images
FutureMakers' visuals and podcast images

What we did

The first thing on the agenda was branding. Playing with radio lingo like ‘FM’, we landed on FutureMakers. Furthermore, we wanted the brand to feel dynamic. The Cronos Group’s logo was turned around and we inserted a microphone in it. Cronos’s most distinguishable colour, blue, was subtly incorporated in the visuals. We added red, however, as the main, bold colour to symbolize our strength and challenging nature. Our branding thus stayed unique yet recognisable.

What is FutureMakers all about?

  • Making statements,  
  • empowering young entrepreneurs,  
  • living in the now whilst thinking in the future.

In other words: inspiring the next generations and engaging a community. One of Cronos’s strong suits is to bring together all kinds of people, so we made sure that we wouldn’t just stick to entrepreneurs within our ecosystem. We invited external speakers to keep challenging ourselves and to give a voice to new visions.

We took care of the recordings and all communication surrounding the podcasts. To that effect, we created and implemented a content calendar, conducted campaigns on social media and ensured overall awareness. The podcast itself was carefully curated. We didn’t want to produce perfect or merely ‘pretty’ content. Our guests might trip over their words, cough or make mistakes. No problem: that’s exactly the message we want to convey to young dreamers out there. Make mistakes. Nobody’s perfect.

The Results

The collaboration was a true partnership. We grew based on our client’s requests and supported them to make it succeed. The Cronos Group helped us build expertise and learn all about podcasting. In return, we made it happen and – with their support – soon brought it to a high level. Internally, we brought the entire group more visibility. We consist of a bunch of tech companies so unsurprisingly, it was the episode on ethical hacking that got the most views and responses.  

Fun fact: we made our own intro tune in collaboration with an external party. We strongly believe in the added value of an authentic yet recognisable sound (think about Netflix’s famous tudum, for example). As we wanted to create a unique podcast, we believe that things like this helped us achieve our goal.

By now, we can proudly say that our first episodes were warmly received which is why we’ve already broadcasted two whole seasons of FutureMakers!

FutureMakers' podcast images

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