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Coretecs is an organisation that focuses on industry 4.0. They help companies bridge the gap between their OT (operational technology) and IT (informational technology) departments. Based on the Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) framework, they prepare their clients for the future of industrial applications. We helped Coretecs find their voice with a name and visual identity that matched their innovative approach.

Read on to find out more about how our branding services helped out Coretecs back when they launched, and how this led to a long-term partnership.

The Challenge

As a brand-new company, Coretecs were looking for a way to distinguish themselves from the crowd. They already had some ideas for a name and visual identity, but these needed a helping hand to align them more with their mission and vision. The preliminary look and feel were aesthetically pleasing, but did not entirely match what the company would stand for. That’s why they asked Unmute You to help translate their ambition and core business into a brand that truly got their voice out there.

Our Idea

We were more than happy to assist Coretecs using our branding services. Our tagline is Always different. Always you, which means that we’re determined to find out what sets a company apart. After all, an authentic brand should be rooted in an organisation’s DNA. We extract that DNA in a strategic workshop that analyses who you are, what you do, and who you want to reach. This analysis serves as the foundation of your brand, which includes a name, logo, font, and other visual elements.


A brand has to match an organisation’s personality, but this requires determining the personality first, especially a new company like Coretecs. In our strategic workshop, we used a mind map to define their services, values, and identity. We talked to Coretecs’ founders about their services, USPs (Unique Selling Points), goals, target audience, and tone of voice.  

We used the mind map as input for internal brainstorms, where we came up with several potential names and taglines. Each name represented a unique concept and was accompanied by some visual elements to help set the mood. The suggestions went through a few iterations, which let Coretecs fine-tune their vision as they discussed among themselves.

The founders of Coretecs put a lot of emphasis on the human element of both IT and OT, and on connecting these two areas of technology that have traditionally been viewed as separate. That’s why one of our favourite naming suggestions included the cortex, which connects the logical and creative parts of the human brain. When we brought technology into the mix, the name Coretecs saw the light of day.

We ended the strategic part of our branding service by summarizing the vision of Coretecs in a few paragraphs. This text stated their mission, core business, and target audience. Based on their own emphasis, the text focused on bringing together two worlds and streamlining their communication. Our designers used this text as the primary input for the subsequent creative workshops.


Based on that text, we determined four key values for Coretecs to define their look and feel: energy, ambition, boldness and expertise. These are reflected in the two main colours used in Coretecs’ branding: cinnabar and dew. The softer dew reflects expertise and honesty, and the bold cinnabar delicately balances between yellow (energy) and red (ambition).

Our creative workshops also contained several suggestions for logos, including recognizable design elements. The Coretecs logo is based on a capital C, and represents two parts of a brain connected by a central circle. Because they will often work in an industrial context, we showcased their logo on some hard hats in addition to the more conventional merchandising.

It’s important to think ahead when designing. For Coretecs, we knew that we’d have to scale their branding elements to not just websites and social media posts, but larger formats such as banners and posters as well. We delivered their logo in four size variants: full-size, compact full-size, badge, and icon. These variants are also useful for other applications like branded clothing and animated versions.

Objective design

During our creative workshops, we use design theories to help dispel some common misconceptions, like the notion that a logo should immediately indicate your core business. Taking subjective elements out of the equation helps us make these often challenging discussions more objective.  

A great example of this is Coretecs’ fonts. Their primary font Neue Machina combines a bold, industrial look with rounded corners that give it a human touch. It is contrasted by a more subtle, communicative secondary font that is versatile thanks to its many weights. If Coretecs’ founders had requested an italic font that looked very delicate, their four key values would have helped us explain why the look and feel would not have matched their identity.

We also use visual theory to explain our choices for additional imagery. This includes stock photos, illustrations, and graphical assets. For Coretecs, we focused on images that radiate energy and combine industry and technology with a human element. This helped to set a direction for future visual elements in their website and social media posts.

Increasing the volume

After helping them find their voice, Coretecs also trusted us with amplifying it and getting it out there. Based on the workshops, we drafted a content strategy for the first year and set up a matching launch plan. We also set up their LinkedIn, photographed their members, and provided our copy services for their website’s content.  

After just a few months, we became Coretecs’ dedicated content marketing partner. Based on our earlier content strategy, we now assist them with their communication strategy and its execution. We’re excited to see where this collaboration will take us next!

At Unmute You, we offer both complete branding packages and tailor-made solutions that get your voice out there. Looking for a committed partner for your next project? We’d love to help! Be sure to check out our services, and give us a shout if you have any questions or ideas.

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