As experts in industry 4.0 strategy and implementation solutions, Coretecs guides manufacturing companies through their digital transformation journeys by connecting the OT and IT departments. Our branding service gave them a name and visual identity that matches their innovative approach.
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Teammember Unmute You
Teammember Unmute You
Two standing mockups of onepagers Unmute You designed for Coretecs

The Challenge

As a brand-new company, Coretecs wanted to stand out from the pack. They had already determined their vision and values, but needed a fittingname and visual identity that reflected their ambition and made them easily recognisable.

Our Idea

Coretecs’ question matched perfectly with our branding service, where we help organisations stand out with a memorable brand identity that resonates with their target audience. This service includes a name, logo, font, and other visual elements. We helped them to find out what set them apart, and let this inform every aspect of their brand. As we like to say: Always different. Always you.


The creative team at Unmute You delivered wonderful results. We now have a branding that reflects perfectly what we stand for and we're proud to show it to the world.


-Mathias Knop, co-founder and managing partner
Mock-up of Coretecs merchandise and visuals
Mock-up of Coretecs merchandise and visuals

What we did


We started with a strategic and creative workshop, where we talked to Coretecs’ founders about their services, USPs (Unique Selling Points), goals, target audience, and tone of voice. Using a mind map, we determined their services, values, and identity. Based on this input, we held internal brainstorms to come up with potential names and taglines.

One of Coretecs’ key differences is the importance they place on the human element when connecting IT and OT. These areas, which used to be considered separate, are usually only looked at in terms of technology. By combining the cortex (which connects the logical and creative parts of the human brain) with technology, we ended up with our favourite suggestion for their new name: Coretecs.  

We wrapped things up by giving Coretecs a matching brand story that focuses on bringing two worlds together and streamlining their communication. This text served as the primary input for our branding services.


Based on Coretecs’ brand story, we organised a creative workshop and identified four key values for Coretecs to define their look and feel: energy, ambition, boldness and expertise.

  • We decided on two main colours to reflect their values. Dew, a blueish white that stands for expertise and honesty, and cinnabar, which balances the energy of yellow with the ambition of red.
  • One of our favourite suggestions for their logo included a capital C, representing two parts of a brain connected by a central circle.
  • Coretecs’ primary font combines a bold, industrial look with rounded corners that give it a human touch. It is contrasted by a more subtle, communicative secondary font that is versatile thanks to its many styles and weights.
  • Keeping in mind where Coretecs’ brand would be seen the most, we showcased these elements on hard hats and provided scaled versions for large posters and banners.
  • We inspired Coretecs with imagery (stock photos, illustrations and graphical assets) that radiates energy and combines industry and technology with a human element.

Other services

Since they were so happy with their new brand, our partnership with Coretecs has since expanded to the point where we take care of all of their marketing needs. We now help them with our marketing as a service offering, which includes photography and copywriting for their website and social media.

Mock-up of Coretecs website (mobile) and logo

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