Looking to brand or rebrand your company, product, or service? Unmute You offers a comprehensive branding service that will help you establish a strong and distinctive identity

Step 1
Strategic & Creative Workshop

We begin with an in-depth workshop to uncover the essence of your brand, exploring the "why, how, and what" to define your unique value proposition. Then, we zoom in on the visual appeal, ensuring your branding captures the essence of your business.

Step 2

We guide you through the crucial step of naming your brand, conducting online domain checks to secure a relevant and available online presence.

Step 3
Creating the Branding

Our expert team crafts a complete branding package, including a compelling logo, cohesive corporate identity, carefully selected fonts, and a color palette that works seamlessly for both web and print applications.

Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Image of branding workshop

Why Branding is important

Unmute You Typographic, circular logo.

Branding is a crucial investment for any business, as it sets the foundation for success and long-term growth. By crafting a compelling brand identity, you can establish a consistent and distinctive presence in the market, setting yourself apart from competitors. A strong brand not only builds trust and credibility but also resonates with your target audience, forging meaningful connections and driving customer loyalty. The importance of usability.

At Unmute You, we go beyond creating visually appealing branding. We prioritize usability by conducting thorough checks, ensuring your chosen domain is available and the selected colors work effectively in both digital and print formats. Our attention to detail guarantees that your branding elements are practical, functional, and optimized for maximum impact.

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