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Optis, a software development company with over fifteen years of experience, were looking for an evolution of their website. We helped them by upgrading their visual identity and implementing it in a new website with an improved user journey, content, Content Management System (CMS), and analytics.
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Optis website mockups

The Challenge

Thanks to their long history, Optis’ site was chock-full of content, from customer cases to photos and service pages. However, the existing user journey made finding the right content a bit of a treasure hunt. The website's outdated design also didn't sync with their visual identity, and maintaining it was a chore. They turned to Unmute You to transform their website into a central hub that accurately reflected their journey and was easy to navigate.

Our Idea

Since we were already helping Optis out with our marketing as a service offering, we were definitely on the same wavelength. Building on our previous design services, we offered to help revamp and optimise their website, and they were quick to accept.


The team at Unmute You had a clear sense of what we wanted from the start. They translated our vision into a new and modern website. The short feedback loops ensured that we could count on their guidance and led to a great result.


-Keshia Niemegeerts, Managing Partner at Optis
Optis website mockups
Optis website mockups

What we did

Let’s rewind a moment and explain. We wrote their brand story based on a more thorough conversation, because it offered us a chance to think along with the client. An explicit storyline is also a useful means of defining and communicating (about) your values, both within your organisation and to the outside world. It creates a way to stand out from your competitors and increases the chances of success through the emotional connection you build with customers. The questions that we asked foursevens in the intake and that they couldn’t resolve yet, were tackled in the brand story as well.  

After the story was approved, it was time for a strategic workshop to put everything in motion. This provided everyone with way more insights in how to communicate properly, which is obviously necessary if you want to streamline (and/or sell) a story. Foursevens said it was a revelation for them and gave them a better perspective on themselves. It enabled us to concentrate on the best way for foursevens to start communicating online. We presented them with a simple DIY marketing strategy that would focus on brand awareness, thought leadership and employer branding. Not just on socials, by the way, but also on their website, and in their sales pitches and the like.

In other words, they ended up with a solid brand story, and an action plan full of examples of content pieces, interesting social posts and so on. We made sure they were ready to get started themselves, since we never do more than the client’s budget allows.

Optis team photos and mobile website

The Results

To measure the project’s success, we made sure that analytics were available before, during, and after the website's relaunch. We used Google Search Console and Google Analytics, providing redundancy in case of issues. One financial quarter later, the results spoke volumes:

  • More than double the number of users
  • Almost triple the number of sessions
  • Nearly quadruple the number of visitors
  • A significant increase in mobile users

Optis also experienced a surge in internship applications and even secured a marketing qualified lead. Overall, the website evolved from an afterthought to a central hub for all things Optis, including important announcements like the launch of Optis Factory. We’re excited to see what the future holds for them!

Optis desktop website and team photo

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