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Optis is a software development company with over fifteen years of experience in helping companies realise their business applications. As they evolved throughout the years, they noticed that their website no longer fully reflected their (visual) identity and did not perform as expected. We helped to overhaul the website with a new look and feel, content management system, user journey, and analytics. Here’s how we approached this exciting project.

The Challenge

As a software development company with over fifteen years of experience, Optis had plenty to offer on their website. A wide gamut of customer cases, photos, services pages, … you name it, it was (probably) somewhere on there. However, plenty of customers and applicants had trouble finding the right information. The website was outdated, did not match their visual identity of other channels, and was hard to maintain

Optis approached Unmute You to revamp their website into a central hub that represented the changes they went through. Besides a new look and feel, it should have an improved user flow, content management system, and integrated analytics.

Our Idea

Optis already trusts us as a partner for their recurrent marketing, so both parties knew what to expect. Unmute You knew that Optis had the clear goals for the new website, and Optis knew that Unmute You had a low-key approach that put the focus on working together.

We outlined some design and functionality principles during intake conversations, and then held a kick-off meeting where we fine-tuned the approach. Together, we went through their existing website and determined which elements should be kept the same, updated or removed. We also came up with branding elements, most importantly the concept of Optis as a hive, which helped to shape the website through visual representations like the honeycomb motif.

"The team at Unmute You had a clear sense of what we wanted from the start. They translated our vision into a new and modern Optis website. The short feedback loops ensured that we could count on their guidance and work to a great result. In other words: a super smooth collaboration from start to finish."

Brand alignment

Unmute You provides recurrent marketing for Optis, so we already helped them to update certain brand elements. Seeing how happy it made them meant that we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to help them align the website with similar branding, expanding on their vision along the way. Our designers used the colour scheme, fonts and other design elements from the branding as inspiration for several wireframes. These drafts also incorporated new elements, including a hero video, visuals, a photo shoot with the entire team, and more.

Rather than a revolution, the website serves as an evolution of their brand. We reused and added to their style in new ways to make it fresher, younger, and innovative. Just like Optis itself, because reimagining the website as the centre piece of their organisation helped both parties to re-evaluate the employer branding. This required additional content: new copy for all pages, seven new blogs, two new cases, reworked job postings, …

The new website had to reflect the changes Optis went through over the years, so we actively involved them in design, content and structure deliberations. Both parties knew from earlier experience that a co-creation process would lead to some beautiful results.

Website and CMS

Not only their visual identity got carried over, though. We also incorporated Optis’ tone of voice in the existing blogs and cases, as well as any new content pieces. Together, these visual and textual elements ensured a consistent look and feel for users that were directed to the website through their social media channels. It turned their website from a bottleneck and afterthought into a central hub for all things Optis, including exciting announcements like the launch of Optis Factory.  

Managing that much content required a solid system to host and manage it. We suggested Webflow, to host their website and manage its content. This Content Management System (CMS) lets them update and modify as they see fit without having to contact an external partner for minor changes. Because we closely cooperate with them already for the recurrent marketing, we’re able to adapt quickly to any changes. With the design and content in place, there was just one key piece of the puzzle missing: analytics!

Analytics integration

Our marketeers made sure that analytics would not only be available during and after the (re)launch of the website, but before as well. That way, Optis could precisely track how their new hub was performing. We used the Google Search Console in addition to Google Analytics as a fallback mechanism if the latter failed or something else occurred during the launch. Optis’ new suite of analytic tools helps them track how many visitors there are, where they come from, how long they spend on the site, how many pages they look at, and much more!

Almost one financial quarter after the launch, it is clear that the new website has already paid dividends for Optis. Here are some of the key metrics compared to before the launch:

  • More than double the amount of users
  • Almost triple the amount of sessions
  • Almost quadruple the amount of visitors
  • A significant increase in mobile users

Besides those metrics, Optis has also noted a lot of applications for internships each month, and even a marketing qualified lead. New contacts are one of the most difficult things to obtain for a website, so Optis is delighted with their new hub! Here’s what they had to say about our collaboration:

At Unmute You, we deliver tailor-made solutions that get your voice out there. Does your brand need some finetuning, or your (marketing) communication some consistency? We’d love to help!

Be sure to check out our services, and give us a shout if you have any questions or ideas.

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