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GC innovate is the orchestrator for The Cronos Group's Google endeavours. As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, they want to spread awareness within the group, help its customers find the right fit, promote trainings and certifications, and much more. Our branding and embedded marketing services helped them find their voice and spread their message.
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Mockups of GC innovate visuals.

The Challenge

GC innovate faced a challenging mission: representing the Google ecosystem within The Cronos Group and bridging connections between Google, Cronos, and their clients. They had to gain recognition as a Premier Partner externally while promoting Google's cloud solutions internally. To achieve these goals, they needed a strong brand identity and a dedicated marketing partner.

Our Idea

We collaborated closely with GC innovate to refine their brand story and create a visual identity that matched their mission and story, while referencing Google's design language. Based on this visual identity, we designed their website and filled it with compelling content. Following an additional request, our marketing as a service helped them to streamline their communication strategy, manage their social media, and coordinate their events.


Unmute You doesn’t just think together with us, they think like us. Their marketing as a service is like having a marketeer on steroids as part of your team.


-Dirk Vereycken, Managing Partner at GC innovate
Mockup of GC innovate merchandise and picture at GCi event.
Mockup of GC innovate merchandise and picture at GCi event.

What we did


Our journey with GC innovate began with the need for a swift branding to complement their new name. We used the concept of orchestration as a central theme in their brand story to showcase their strategic role: connecting the dots between The Cronos Group and Google.  

Our designers crafted GC innovate’s branding around two core shapes and four distinct colours. The dot shape, inspired by music sheets, points to their mission. The simple colours also make it recognisable as a Google entity while remaining its own thing – something they’ve received a lot of compliments on. Their logo, which combines the C of The Cronos Group and the G of Google, is built from the same shapes.

To truly shine, GC innovate’s new branding and website needed to be used consistently in internal and external communication. It’s like planting a seed: if you want to get a healthy plant, you also need nutrients, healthy soil, and water. Since GC innovate realised the potential of their new brand, they asked us to help them with marketing as well.


We started our marketing partnership by hosting a content workshop and developing a communication strategy. What started as an ad-hoc marketing service quickly evolved into a closer kind of collaboration.  

With our marketing as a service, GC innovate can rely on our embedded marketeer as a one-stop shop for all their marketing-related questions with a direct connection to designers, copywriters, and strategy experts. This includes (but is not limited to) the following services:

  • Strategic communication alignment
  • Social media management
  • Communication, including newsletters
  • Event organisation, both in-person and webinars
  • Collaborating with Google's marketing team
  • Marketing support for other competence centres
Mockup of GC innocate LinkedIn page and picture of GCi event.

The Results

Thanks to our branding and marketing services, GC innovate has achieved remarkable results. They significantly expanded their overall reach, and more than doubled the size of their community. Their versatility and relentless drive have earned them recognition, both from other Cronos competence centres and from Google, culminating in the 2022 Google Cloud Most Transformative Partner Award for The Cronos Group.  

This award highlights their remarkable growth and their strong partnership with Google. With their brand vitality officially acknowledged, we look forward to helping GC innovate continue to thrive in the months and years to come while maintaining a strong focus on brand authenticity.

Looking for a marketing partner that doesn’t shy away from atypical collaborations? Our tagline says it all: Always different. Always you. We’re always happy to help companies find their voice and get it out there. Just give us a shout, and we’ll see how we can help you out.

Picture of Dirk (MP at GCi) and mockups of GC innovate merchandise.

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