We helped FlowFactor to create awareness about their DevOps consultancy and advisory services. Thanks to our marketing as a service solution, they have a single point of contact to handle all their communication, copywriting and design needs.
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The Challenge

FlowFactor needed a marketing partner to help strengthen their position as a DevOps powerhouse and attract new technical profiles. They wanted someone that could immerse themselves in their company culture and core business, think proactively, and come up with their own suggestions for marketing in the long term.

Our Idea

We offered FlowFactor our marketing as a service solution for long-term partnerships. This includes a dedicated marketeer, who acts as a single point of contact and embeds themselves in their client’s company. They proactively plan content and ensure consistency in the tone of voice and branding of our copywriting and design services.


Thanks to our embedded marketeer, our blogs are relevant for our target audience and closely followed. More than once, I’ve had people from other Cronos competence centres and clients approach me to discuss something I said in one of our thought leadership pieces.


-Kilian Niemegeerts, founder and managing partner 
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What We Did

We started our marketing as a service offering by organising a strategic content workshop to discuss FlowFactor’s proposition, target audience, values, and USPs (Unique Selling Points). Then, we translated the insights from this workshop into a communication strategy with clear goals and suggested areas for improvement.

Our suggestions included possible topics for thought leadership blogs and other content to showcase FlowFactor’s perspective as critical experts, advice on their website, and solidifying their position within the OECO Group ecosystem. By matching their communication with their tone of voice, we helped FlowFactor define and refine their brand identity.

Of course, the proof is in the pudding. That’s why our marketing as a service offering isn’t just a communication strategy. It’s an all-encompassing service with a dedicated marketeer, which acts as a gateway to a multidisciplinary team of copywriters, designers, and strategists.

Our embedded marketeer also provided content calendars to schedule FlowFactor’s communication, covering a wide range of topics that were relevant to their target audience. Communication isn’t a one-and-done effort, so we use quarterly follow-up meetings to finetune the strategy based on analytics and proactive suggestions from our team.

The Results

Thanks to our marketing as a service, FlowFactor has seen a significant growth in the number of website visitors and a 250% increase in LinkedIn followers. While these numbers are certainly impressive, they don’t paint the whole picture when it comes to employer branding and brand awareness.  

Even more important is that people now recognise FlowFactor as a thought leader when it comes to DevOps consultancy. They have received several spontaneous applications for both careers and internships that explicitly mention how the communication and content made them want to be a part of FlowFactor.

Because they are so satisfied with our marketing as a service, FlowFactor has also reached out to us for other services. Together with Bosh & Bordon, we redesigned FlowFactor’s website and delivered content to align it better with their branding. We also designed branded clothing and other merchandise for their employees to spread brand awareness. Finally, FlowFactor has enlisted our help for two of their subsidiaries, Hieda and stAIble, with our starter package.  

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