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ePact, a software-defined infrastructure company, guides companies throughout their digital transformation journey by developing custom IT solutions that address current challenges. They also prepare customers' IT landscapes for the future. To better showcase their specific services and their partners, they were looking at Unmute You. Could we create an animated video to bring their message, more specifically their Veeam O365 offering, across? Certainly! Here’s what we did.
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Teammember Unmute You
Teammember Unmute You
Teammember Unmute You
Over the shoulder picture of Gauvain drawing illustrations of a character.

The Challenge

To support their clients, who are part of a fast-paced market, ePact offers a broad range of services and always adapts like a chameleon to each and every customer. To better display their mission, and collaboration with their vendors, they were asking us to make videography part of their marketing communications plan. Specifically, they wanted us to help bring their own story to life, and present (and explain) the offering of Veeam b ymeans of an animated video. First up would be Veeam O365 (Backup).

Our Idea

We agreed that animated videos were the way to go. It’s an original idea to explain something to people, without asking them to read yet another pamphlet. We would make sure we understood the technical content, objectives and ePact's target audience, so we could make a video that would be easy to understand as well as engaging. All in ePact’s recognizable branding, yet from a fresh perspective to make it even more dynamic.


The creative team at Unmute You successfully distilled our Veeam O365 offering into an animated video with a clear message. From the outset, they asked the right questions to understand the story and bring it to life.


- Christof Ugau, Managing Partner at ePact
Photo of Gauvain and visual straight from the video storyboard.
Mockup of the video of ePact on YouTube and illustration of chameleon.

What we did

We always conduct an intake, but in this case, it was truly crucial to fully grasp the message that had to be conveyed with the video. Moreover, we were going to showcase ePact’s added value as a partner, Veeam’s powerful backup engine, as well as the user-friendly web portal that ePact cocreated with ‘Integri’. Not an easy feat to convert but we never saw a challenge we didn’t like! 

Our Tech Strategist and Art Director, Deevid and Gauvain, soon got to work together to come up with the best and most original ways to translate all of this into a simple yet effective explanation video. Furthermore, we checked ePact’s branding to see which parts we wanted to include.  

We created a storyboard to show ePact what the video would roughly be like. It included some distinct yet low-barrier sketches and our overall idea. We also wrote a script for the voice-over, per frame, which we had ePact approve of first. When it came to colours, we decided to stick to their branding’s most prominent one, green, but also blend blue, as it was a colour they were originally going to incorporate. It gives the whole thing an extra dimension. We were inspired by the typical flat design of Microsoft and mixed this smoothly with ePact’s own style. A little corporate but make it dynamic. ePact’s very own mascot, Ozzy the chameleon, got featured too, of course.  

Lastly, we brought the storyboard to life with our animation techniques, which yielded impactful visual effects and compelling motion graphics.

The Results

Visual content plays a pivotal role in capturing attention and conveying your brand's story. That much is truly clear through the animation video. It is a unique and captivating way to communicate ePact’s message and engage their target audience on a whole new level. Basically, viewers are taken on a journey where most frames elicit a feeling of recognition, making them go: “Oh, right, exactly!” The inspiring illustrations and lively animations translate all technical services in a clear message that leaves a lasting impression.

For us, it was yet another wonderful learning experience. This was our first time working with ePact and it couldn’t have gone better. We’re very proud of the results ànd of ePact’s response. In that spirit, we’re more than happy to announce that they’re coming back for more and officially asked us to get together for a next video. Thanks, ePact!

Picture of Gauvain and Jeroen and pages of the ePact video storyboard.

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