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By designing illustrated brand ambassadors and animated robots, we empowered Digitale Wolven to captivate youngsters and attract sponsors, sparking brand awareness and fostering connections in the world of IT.
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Illustration of Amelie & Wolfje & all robots

The Challenge

Digitale Wolven, a non-profit organization, faced a twofold challenge: Firstly, as a non-profit, they sought to attract new sponsorships on a personal level to support their mission. Secondly, they aimed to enhance their branding and engage children, making it more appealing and relatable to the younger audience. Unmute You stepped in to revolutionize their approach.

Our Idea

Our approach revolved around creating relatable and engaging experiences for children and potential sponsors. We designed Amelie and Wolfje as captivating brand ambassadors, breaking gender stereotypes and appealing to a wide audience of kids. Additionally, we brought Digitale Wolven's robots to life, allowing individuals and companies to become godparents to these animated characters. This unique sponsorship approach personalized the experience and fostered a stronger connection with the cause.

We didn't stop at character design; we ensured a unified brand language by creating illustrations of every team member at Digitale Wolven. This cohesive branding extended across various channels and marketing materials, reinforcing their message and visual identity. Furthermore, we expanded into merchandise design, creating a range of quality products such as patches, calendars, and posters. These tangible items not only increased visibility but also facilitated a deeper connection between Digitale Wolven and their audience.

The ongoing collaboration between Unmute You and Digitale Wolven continues to evolve. We have become their trusted partner, offering complete art direction and exploring new avenues, such as designing their office space. With a focus on sustainability and maximizing value within their budget constraints, we strive to provide long-lasting solutions that empower Digitale Wolven to fulfill their mission. Together, we are committed to transforming the digital landscape for children, bridging the gap and preparing them for the future.


The way we could count on Unmute You was better than we could have hoped for. From strategizing to creating funky designs and writing attractive copy; they did it all. We get compliments on our branding more than once and we are reaching our target audience better than ever before.


-Cindy SMits, General Manager Digitale Wolven
Mock-up of Digitale Wolven merchandise and visuals
Mock-up of Digitale Wolven merchandise and visuals

The Results

The collaboration with Unmute You surpassed all expectations. Digitale Wolven witnessed a surge in brand awareness, effectively connecting with their target audience like never before. The introduction of Amelie and Wolfje, along with the animated robots, garnered accolades for their innovative branding. Moreover, Digitale Wolven's sponsorship base expanded, enabling them to make a greater impact in preparing children for the digital future.Amidst these achievements, Digitoop, an initiative by Digitale Wolven, received a nomination for 'De Warmste Week.' Unmute You played an instrumental role in supporting the campaign, providing posters and shaping the overall look and feel of the initiative. Additionally, Digitale Wolven's commendable work earned them the Social Innovation Award of Computable, with Cindy Smits, the organization's founder, being nominated for ICT Woman of the Year. We take pride in the extended branding's contribution and we are immensely grateful and proud to be part of this remarkable and meaningful cause. With a shared commitment to demystifying IT, we look forward to many more years of collaboration with Digitale Wolven, empowering the digital generation together.

Gift card of Digitale Wolven

Next Steps

The partnership with Digitale Wolven continues to evolve, with Unmute You at the forefront of their branding endeavors. Recognizing the non-profit's limited resources, we remain committed to providing maximum value within their budget constraints. Our collaboration now encompasses complete art direction, encompassing not only branding and illustrations but also merchandise design. As Digitale Wolven gains offline visibility through clothing, patches, calendars, and more, their cause resonates with a wider audience. The website continues to add new robots, attracting an increasing number of individuals and organizations interested in becoming sponsors. Furthermore, the living environment of Amelie and Wolfje offers endless creative possibilities, ensuring that our partnership will continue to drive innovation.

Visual of Digitale Wolven

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