Ah, BAVET. A food and hospitality brand, best known for their delicious spaghetti and quirky vibes. They partnered with OWOW Agency to give their website a completely new look and feel. OWOW led them to us for the copywriting aspect.
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The Challenge

BAVET is a Belgian food brand that showcases quirkiness or being ‘out of the ordinary’, as they call it. Their tagline? Made for Friends! They are all about saucy goodness but also about hospitality that oozes friendly yet cool vibes. However, the message wasn’t coming across online. Their website needed a new, fresh design, and unique copywriting that would let BAVET stand out from the crowd. The goal was to make their mark on the market, as well as generate more (online) traffic. Furthermore, they’re ambitiously aiming for international waters.

Our Idea

We didn’t have to think twice about the question, especially when we heard we were getting ‘carte blanche’: right up our alley! Together, we looked at the scope and decided that we’d provide them with a storyline, in order to check the correct tone of voice. Once that would be approved, we’d deliver 9 website pages in English as well as in Dutch to fit the design of OWOW.


Working with Unmute You's 'Word Wizards' was an absolute pleasure. They took the time to fully understand (& breathe) BAVET as a brand through in-depth interviews. From Project Management to effective & impressive Copywriting (with a big C), we are more than fans of their approach and professionalism. If we’d recommend? BAVET says YES.


- Julie Waterplas, Marketing Manager at BAVET
Bavet phone mockup + photograph of our copywriter Fien
Bavet desktop mockup + photograph of our copywriter Fien

Our Approach

True to our style, we started by conducting interviews with employees at BAVET. We never just dive in, but tackle things strategically and process-oriented, in order to get all the relevant information that we need to get to work. We also made sure we talked to the founder, so he could tell us more about BAVET’s history. It was soon clear that BAVET was looking for a funky, Tarantino-like flavour while still keeping the door open for every audience.

We began by writing out the storyline of BAVET in English. Jumping from their tagline ‘Made for Friends’ we incorporated cultural references (to the 1990s series F.R.I.E.N.D.S., for instance) and started playing around with words. Of course, we made sure to get all BAVET's core values in there too, as BAVET is more than ‘mere’ fun and games.

We then proceeded by working out nine specific website pages (i.e., a home page, an about page …) in English. Basing ourselves on OWOW’s design, we worked in a document that was open to BAVET to comment on. That way, we were truly co-creating and handling things iteratively. No secrets, no delays, no misunderstandings. The arrangements and scope were clear, and BAVET’s fast and constructive feedback helped speed up the process.

As is our custom, we only started on the Dutch pages once the English ones were approved. Since we never go for a literal translation, those were constructed from scratch. We made sure that the cultural references reflected a more Belgian and specifically Flemish personality.

The Results

According to the client, they’re now extremely pleased when they open their website – as are we. The design from OWOW, which is truly a piece of art, combined with our sassy but inviting copy, makes the brand splash on your screen. When we asked BAVET, what it was like seeing the results, they indicated that it had been a relief to see the change appear so visibly. When they look at their website now, they’re positively beaming.  

From here, it’s just a matter of analysing the new visitors’ data and checking whether all our combined efforts resulted in more online traffic and clicks. Fingers crossed! The most important part, though, is that the image and story of BAVET are now perfectly in sync. The website finally conveys their message and reflects the core personality of the brand.

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