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Want to learn about the world of marketing? Want to make a difference in the IT business by making content that lasts in the minds of our audiences?
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Team photo Unmute You
Team photo Unmute You
Team photo Unmute You
Team photo Unmute You
Team photo Unmute You
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Your Internship

We can hear your thinking process all the way from our office here in Kontich (where we invite you to join us ‘alive and kicking’ on Thursdays): what would you be doing here?

Well, our tagline is Always different, always you and we stand by it for virtually everything. You’ll get to make this internship your own, and we'll help! UY exists to help people and businesses grow, and it’s truly our intention to handle your internship the same way. Your goals and interests matter. Tell us what gets you going, and we’ll see what we can do to accommodate you. That way, the internship will be of added value for us, ànd for you.

Our Clients

Not sure what we do? Browse our website and check out our cases, we’d say, as it gives you a pretty good idea of what our agency’s all about.

In a nutshell: we unmute people’s business. Most of the time, they’re IT companies within our mother ship: the Cronos Group. However, we’ve done cool stuff for other clients, like BAVET, too. Any questions left? Shoot!

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What’s the internship about?

Whether you’re a marketing or a design student, you’d be a part of our team. No getting coffee, counting post-its or doing other insipid jobs we’ve been postponing for your arrival. More like, producing awesomeness and getting involved in meetings with clients to get your soft skills to the next level! Specifically:

  • Marketing students: would learn more about content marketing and strategy, SEO, campaigns, analytics, making briefings for copywriters and designers, and more.
  • Designers: would get the opportunity to create A LOT. Visuals, web design, branding, templates, animation videos … We do it all, so why wouldn’t you?

What’re you passionate about? Let’s find you something you’ll love to do!

Start to intern – what to expect?

All by yourself? God, no. Even our own need some (emotional) support from time to time. Who doesn’t? To make sure you reach your full potential and get everything out of this internship that you hoped for, we team you up with a buddy. Either our Art Director or one of our Marketing Coordinators looks after you #pinkypromise. Obviously, you can count on the rest of the team just as well.

Part of the team

Wonder how others have experienced the internship? You can read Wietse’s (honest) testimonial here. We solemnly swear we did not change it to our advantage.  

Oh, and like we said: we’re all at the office on Thursdays. No need to bring your own drinks, ‘koekskes’ or your own lunch – unless you hate ‘bokes & beleg’. We’ve got you covered.

Convinced? Yeah, you are! Apply via the form below and introduce yourself in the most unmuted way you can think of. We’re looking forward to meeting you. See you soon?!

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