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Our baseline is Always different. Always you. The same goes for our team. Unmute You consists of a cheerful bunch of creative prodigies and we’re very happy to say that despite being distinct individuals we’re a close-knit team. Since we all spend most of our time at work, that’s something we’ll always try to guard.

This is our self-made playground; these are our speakers:

Our Team

Elisa Vanmeenen

Marketing Coordinator

Gauvain Debisschop

Art Director

Sarra Mauquoi

Managing Partner / Strategist

Yente Van de Wouwer

Graphic Designer / Creative

Jessica Verlinden

Marketing Coordinator

Fien Oerlemans

Creative Copywriter

Jeroen Geerts

Managing Partner / Operations

Jasper van Honk

Technical Copywriter

Camille Ardaen

Marketing Coordinator

Deevid De Meyer

Tech Strategist

Elisabeth De Schepper

Junior Creative

Samira El Oiamari

Marketing Coordinator

To call her an energy bomb would be the understatement of the century. She’s tough but she knows what you need, how you’ll get it, and she won’t rest until you do. Don’t worry, there’s definitely a soft side to her
too.  #powerplanning #dogmom

Gauvain is the nicest creative hyped up monkey you’ll ever meet. Make him happy by giving him free reign and you won’t regret it. He’ll come up with the coolest graphic concepts you’ve ever seen. By the by: did you see his own personal creations yet? #visualvisionary #kobbejager

Our Managing Partners are a little more seasoned than the rest of the team, but they never reign supreme. Sarra gently ensures strategies are followed and that our young dynamic team stays on course. She’s a legit language connoisseur so no grammar or spelling mistake ever gets past
her. #strategicsarra #languagelover

Describe Yente? She’s an all-round creative. Her background provides her with writing skills but she’s actually one of our graphic designers and we’re constantly amazed. She may not be the loudest speaker in our team
but make no mistake: this woman is on fire. #edgycreations #plantmom

Our biggest animal lover is Jessica. Her clients all know about the pony in her backyard and her dog who often sits in on her online meetings. She’s one of the hardest working people on the planet and she’ll always make sure her clients are as happy as possible with our work. #gogetter

Jozefien – Fien – Oerlemans is our creative copywriter. Need copy with an edge or something cosy and human? She’s the one for the job. Don’t be fooled by her calm attitude, she’s always bursting with ideas and can provide you with a literary quote within seconds. #creativecopy

Our other managing partner is Jeroen. He’s our founding father who never fails to make lame dad jokes resulting in a few facepalms every now and again. However, Jeroen is also our absolute rock. He guarantees
operations run smoothly on all sides. As long as Jeroen is around, all is well. #operationalwhizzkid #dadjokes

We’re immensely lucky to have Jasper on board. Not only does he make sure that technical pieces are written with flair; he also provides our team with some structure. That much needed glossary of technical vocabulary has finally made it to our Confluence space. THANK YOU, JASPER.
#technicalcopy #honkersgonnahonk

A strong scientific background plus hands-on expertise from the Belgian Advertising School? Yes, that’s our Camille. She brings a sense of practicality to the table while always looking for the next challenge. Did you know she used to be a high-level gymnast? That’s the kind of determination she showcases in everything she does.#curiouscamille #cheerfulkoala

Once upon a time...Deevid was part of our team as a freelance copywriter. But hey, have you met the guy? He’s a born speaker and his tech expertise knows no boundaries. When opportunity knocked, we threw the door open. We’re proud to call him our official tech evangelist. #techxpertise #ourarchimedes

Meet Elisabeth - Betty! She’s the most junior profile of our team but you wouldn’t guess it from her mature attitude and kick-ass creations. We can count on her for a multitude of things as she studied graphic and digital media, majored in cross-media design, ànd took a course in photography. Impressed yet? We are! #littlemissjackofalltrades #wowourbettybambalam

Samira is one of those people you think: “She’s got it aaaaall!” Indeed, she mixes a strong background in journalism with (marketing) experience at other agencies as well as acquired knowledge from multiple courses. Don’t let her empowered personality mislead you: she’s a dreamer with a soft spot for plants and her two cute cats. #seasonedsamira #peopleperson

Want to join us?

Working at Unmute You means working in a young, dynamic team packed with creatives. Talent gets developed and more importantly, everyone steers their talent in a direction of their own choosing.
We’ll encourage you when the sailing is smooth, but we’ll also be there for you (enter Friends theme song) if/when you’re going through a rough patch. It’s vital that you know that you can always count on us.

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