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Sweet Mustard

Getting more Sweeties in the mustard jar. Say what? Meet Sweet Mustard, a company within Cronos aan de Leie, focused on helping companies realise their ambitions and goals by using innovative technologies and the newest software. As their team is always happy to welcome new members, NewBrix and Unmute You were asked to help them set up a lively career page. Here’s how we co-created a true look and feel of their community on the website.

The Challenge

Together with NewBrix, we took on the challenge. Unmute You already provided recurrent marketing for Sweet Mustard so luckily, we already knew them well. In this case, we had to focus on one of their key pillars: cultivating talent. That isn’t simple but there are things you can do as a company to stand out in a world that is bursting with wars for talent. For instance: if you have a career page on your website, it should probably reflect the vibe of your culture perfectly and be an inspirational place to visit for potential candidates. Sweet Mustard called us in to do exactly that: could we help them attract (their kind of) people through a new and exciting career page?

Our Idea

As you might’ve suspected from the term ‘Sweeties’, there’s a playful vibe at Sweet Mustard. We needed that to be crystal clear on their website. NewBrix provided regular but fresh and modern vacancy copy. We at Unmute thought: what about giving people more insight in a day in the life of ... front-end developers, UX/UI designers, scrum masters, et cetera? Together with Sweet Mustard, we decided to let employees testify in short videos. Who better to hear it from than themselves? That is why we committed to creating an innovative career page that would immediately show (young) potentials why Sweet Mustard is the place to work for them. Their community is so strong, how could we not extend that to their career page?

"We were looking for a better way to broadcast our culture, our people and our community to potential new employees. The new career page really shows them who we are as a team and company. They can learn from current team members what it is like to work at Sweet Mustard. We're really happy with the results that Unmute You realised for us."

"A day in the life"

These are the three pillars that are important to Sweet Mustard:

  1. Cultivating Talent,
  2. Inspiring Community &
  3. Innovating Business.

To achieve the first one, we wanted to incorporate the others: their inspiring community and the innovative way they share knowledge with each other and constantly co-create. It’s always initiated by the team itself instead of being spoon-fed by the managing partners. So, we organised the interviews together with the colleagues. More specifically, we set up a day in which we blended in their office and filmed a few employees who had come forward to talk to us. Their sincere testimonials resulted in earnest, positive and bright statements. The career page not only fits their website better now, but it also adds the sweet yet needed punch to their mustard. No one could accuse their page of being dusty now. Both the application and the onboarding process are transparent and lively. Anyone who gets on Sweet Mustard’s updated career page has a clear view on all the (next) steps when considering applying for a job.

Sweeter together

This all came together beautifully, thanks to the fact that Sweet Mustard truly involved us in their community. As they’re experienced in the world of software development and know a thing or two about UX/UI design, they quickly came along on our journey. Exploring the possibilities together went smoothly because we were surfing on the same waves, creatively speaking.  Want to check out their career page and see what we did exactly? Have a look!  We’ve asked Sweet Mustard to provide us with an authentic quote regarding the collaboration. Here’s what they’ve got to say about us:

Naturally, we’re very proud but most of all we’re happy that we got to unmute the inspiring and innovative community behind Sweet Mustard.

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